Kevin: „It is nice to win again!“


Kevin's first weekend in Renault Sport Trophy brought his first victory in tin-top classes. Here is what he said after Sunday's race.

Sunday race was a great one!

Yeah, everything went well, start was the key. Actually I made a superb start on Saturday as well but Sunday was even better.

On Saturday you entered Turn 1 as a leader but exited in P5. Did you simply go wide?

No, I was squeezed onto the side. I had a good momentum and halfway alongside Lewis Williamson, but he started to squeeze me left towards the barriers. I was on the inside of the corner with nowhere to go, and so I went wide. But on Sunday I managed to position the car to the middle of the track, I was not forced to brake on the inside. That was much easier. Closing to Turn 1 I thought: „Don’t brake too late! Don’t brake too late! Keep cool!“

But did you actually brake a bit earlier compared to Saturday, to be sure you can make the turn?

Yes indeed, I braked earlier, I also thought about it earlier. But the angle for entering the turn was much better too, it made my task easier.

Williamson and Palttala were able to lap faster than you.

Really? By how much?

Nothing remarkable, two-three tenths.

You simply had to drive consistent laps. I had an impression that I was faster than them in the beginning, in some segments they were able to close a little bit, but generally the gap developed on lap-by-lap basis, just how good lap somebody had. My final laps were very close to my best laps (actually Kevin clocked his fastest time on penultimate lap).

Some drivers complained on Saturday that it is very difficult to overtake at Motorland. Today you benefitted from it...

Yes, it is diffikult to follow other drivers closely, aga qualification is therefore extremely important. If you are much faster, you can overtake, if not, then...

What did go wrong in qualification, you were only third and not first?

I couldn’t put a proper lap together. Plus on my fastest lap I couldn’t switch to fifth gear.

But all in all – are you happy , even if one or two thing could have been better?

Yes, I am megahappy! To be honest, I didn’t expect victory, I would have been happy even with a posidum position. But the result was super! My pace was not very good and if everything will be perfect, I can really drive for a victory.

A little bit rusty feeling?

On Saturday it was kind of. On Sunday the feeling was already OK, I drove one hundred per cent all the time. I didn’t relax for a moment, for any case I just saved rear tires a little bit, but otherwise it was full attack all the time. It felt rather enjoyable.

When did you win a race last time?

Indeed, I haven’t won anything for a mega-long time. I basically missed last year, in 2014 I was second two times, in 2013 I was second on three occasions. 2012 was a pointless season at all, I guess I was third twice, or something like that. So yes, my last win is from 2011 Formula Renault 3.5 season.

Almost five years! Now you have to get used to it again.

Yeah! I have been second or third so many times. I have started from pole, but couldn’t convert into victories. It makes this feeling even better. Ant to be honest, the competition level in Renault Sport Trophy is high, many good drivers have come together. It is both difgicult and exciting, when six drivers can fight for a win at every race.

Thanks, Kevin, and good luck!


Kevin’s previous victory came on June 19, 2011, when he took an incredible victory in FRenault 3.5 wet-dry-wet race at Nürburgring, having started from P13 and spun around in Turn 1. So the pause between his two consecutive victories was 1764 days or 4 years, 9 months and 29 days.



Youngest driver to win a race in Formula Renault 3.5 Series.