Nothing compares Monte Carlo


Racing on the streets of Monte Carlo is a complicated affair, especially outside of F1

Kevin entering the track at Monte CarloRacing on the streets of Monte Carlo during F1 GP is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the whole WSR season. But there is one significant difference. During "normal" WSR weekend FR3.5 drivers are stars of the event whilst at Monte Carlo they are third fiddles at best. This creates some discomfort, to put it mildly.

FR3.5 drivers were first to take the very "green" track on Thursday. Paddock area is extremely cramped in Monte Carlo and only F1 teams fit there. Support series keep their cars and stuff in several places in the city.

Kevin: "Our garage is in the Eastern part of the city and so our cars must be ready 1.5 hours before the session starts. In order to get to the pits we drive through the streets and join the track near the tunnel. Our first practice started as early as 8:30 AM so you can imagine how early we had to wake up!"

Practice session itself was quite chaotic but Kevin kept himself away from the trouble and posted 4th best time without using new tires. Still the situation is very much open. Thursday's 45-minute session was the only practice for WSR drivers. Qualification will began almost exactly two days after the practice and god only knows what the grip level will be by then.

"Whole field is divided into two groups for qualification according to overall classification. My group - odd positions - seems to be stronger but we will go out first. This means we will probably be slower and take even positions - left row - at the start. Everything is still possible, only Sam Bird looks very hard to beat. He has lots of experience here but let's see. Big unknown factor is the weather. All days here have had sunshine in the morning, then rain by the midday and sunshine again in the evening, but today [Friday] the skies have not cleared."

On Tuesday night Kevin took part in "F1 Drivers versus Star Team" charity football match as a member of former team. Match ended with 2-2 draw and Kevin came on as a substitute only a few minutes from time. "Our team was about 35-strong and actually it was pretty much Italian team - everybody bar me was speaking Italian. I was fortunate to get at least those couple of minutes, about dozen of us didn't make it even onto the pitch."


WSR qualification on the streets of Monte Carlo begins at 9:00 CET on Saturday morning.



Youngest driver to win a race in Formula Renault 3.5 Series.