Solid points for the championship


Kevin finished race 2 at Aragón with P4 and scored first 12 points.

Kevin Motorland turn 1 2012In qualification Kevin put himself to P2 on his last set of new tires but four drivers were able to post faster laps afterwards and Kevin had to content with P6. Actually he tried to do one more hot lap and was already 0.4 seconds faster after two sectors when engine started to misfire.

Kevin made a good start to the race from 6th, gained a place before Turn 1 and seemed to have a safe entry. Eventually he had to jink right sharply on the exit to avoid a contact with an overly-aggressive colleague closing from behind. After dust had settled Kevin was 5th and then picked up one more place when pole-sitter Arthur Pic got it wrong later during the opening lap.

Kevin managed to close the gap to Sam Bird in front of him down to 0.7 seconds when they entered the pits simultaneously in the end of lap 8. Tech 1 mechanics completed their job slightly faster and as a result Kevin attempted to overtake Bird on the pitlane, though they returned to the track in the same succession.

It had still been a good strategy. Four laps later when all frontrunners had changed to new tires Kevin found himself third. His position seemed to be safe at first but it was still a long way to go. Bird couldn't drive away, gap hovered between 1.5 and 2 seconds. But then, on lap 19 Arthur Pic arrived right to Kevin's gearbox. Kevin started to cover his lines and put in some great defending manoeuvres but eventually Pic was able to use his superior straight-line speed and sailed by in the beginning of lap 24.

Final four laps didn't bring any changes and Kevin took chequered flag at P4. Not an excellent result but definitely not a bad one as well. 12 points may be very valuable in a championship. Think about this: Top 3 from race 1 were nowhere near the points today.

Kevin: "If it wasn't for misfiring engine I could have finished at P2. Misfire first started in qualifying and appeared again in the second half of the race. When I switched to 6th gear engine revs dropped at first and only then started to rise little by little. Without this I think I could have caught Sam Bird and kept Arthur Pic behind. I caught Bird before the pitstop but afterwards he pulled away when my pit-lane speed limiter refused to switch off at first attempt. Then I saw in the mirrors how fast Pic was closing from behind. First thought was to let him by in the hope he will catch Bird and their fight will delay both. Then after a couple of defending moves I let Pic go. Maybe I could have been able to keep him behind but it would have been a very risky scenario. He was so much faster both straight-line and in turns I decided to play safe and bring points home."

Kevin's 12 points put him to P7 in championship table after first two rounds.

Next WSR round - the blue-riband one - takes place in three weeks time on the streets of Monte Carlo. There will be only one race as usual but contrary to long-year traditions it will be held on Sunday, May 27th. Qualifications on the other hand will be run on Saturday morning with cars divided into two groups.


Youngest driver to win a race in Formula Renault 3.5 Series.