Kevin turned green!


For long years Kevin's distinctive blue-red helmet design has been well-known to all his fans. But now it's suddenly gone!

Kevin's 2012 helmet 3/4

Actually, blue color is still there but red has been replaced with bright green for 2012. It harmonizes perfectly with Kevin's new car which sports several fluorescent green surfaces on otherwise black bodywork.

The new paintwork was designed in the well-known Estonian specialized company Tribilia by designer Bruno Bachmann. It took about 80 man-hours to put the highly sophisticated design onto the surface of new Arai GP6 RC.

Kevin received the masterpiece - you can't call it other than that, can you? - just before the first meeting of the season and was really satisfied.

"World class!" was his conclusion.

Kevin's 2012 helmet from side Kevin's 2012 helmet from front Kevin's 2012 helmet from back Kevin's 2012 helmet from up


Youngest driver to win a race in Formula Renault 3.5 Series.