Kevin fitter than ever


Less than three weeks remain until the first WSR test on March 13-14. Preparations are in full swing on all fronts and Kevin is not an exception. He has lived and trained in England for a month now and can share some of his first experiences.

How are you doing in England?

I have been living in Oxford since January 23. It’s a very different life compared to what I was accustomed to. You have to take care of yourself in every aspect, cook on your own and so on. But otherwise you can easily get used to it, only a couple of times I have taken a wrong road at the junction.

Concerning traffic, how is it to drive on the “wrong” side?

Not that bad. Except that my company car is a “continental” Renault with left-hand steering and all locals are curiously staring at it.

But what are you actually doing in England?

My main business is physical training. I go to Lotus GP factory gym at Enstone which is some 20 kms from where I live in Oxford.

How have you progressed?

Actually I don’t know exactly. We have new coaches and a compleletly new training program for this year so there are no benchmarks to compare. But I should certainly be fitter than last year.

What do you think about Jules Bianchi as your new team-mate at Tech1?

For sure it is great to have such a strong driver in the team. Even if he beats me it is far better than to have a teammate who can’t challenge me. I hope I can learn a lot from him.

There have been another news about experienced drivers joining WSR grid for 2012.

Yes, Sam Bird switching over from GP2 and 2010 champion Mikhail Aleshin rejoining the series are great news, no doubt. Seems we will have very strong company at WSR once again.


Youngest driver to win a race in Formula Renault 3.5 Series.